Bulung Logistics is one of the „shooting stars“ in the Austrian freight forwarding industry. Founded on 12 September 2012 by Yusuf Erkara, based in Schwechat near Vienna, the company is a specialist in sophisticated transports between Europe and Turkey. In this role, it supports very well-known large-scale transporters with a demand for both transport in classic road freight transport and in the form of intermodal concepts.

You have know-how and give every order the necessary attention, is the motto at Bulung Logistics. With this strategy, the international freight forwarding company has become a leading supplier of transport solutions to Turkey, Russia, CIS, Central Asia and the Middle East within five years.

Including the branches in Istanbul, Gaziantep and Adana, the 40-strong Bulung Logistics team will be dispatching around 10,000 Turkey shipments in 2017, of which 15 percent will be in intermodal transport. Most of the freights are handled by reliable Turkish contractors, who are guaranteed a punctual payment for the transport services. Meanwhile, there are also around 30 own truck trains under the responsibility of the Istanbul branch.

Due to increasing demand for self-carriage, Yusuf Erkara is considering ordering an additional 50 trucks for the company, which opened in May 2017, in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia.


Credits: http://www.oevz.com/news/jubilaeum-5-jahre-bulung-logistics-gmbh-in-schwechat/