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What We Do

Multi-modal container units, designed as reusable carriers to facilitate unit load handling of the goods contained, are also referred to as cargo, specially by shipping lines and logistics operators. Similarly, aircraft ULD boxes are also documented as cargo, with associated packing list of the items contained within. When empty containers are shipped each unit is documented as a cargo and when goods are stored within, the contents are termed as containerised cargo.

Who We Are

Since Bulung Logistics was established in September 2012 and started operating in January 2013, we have been organising high-quality road transportation and intermodal supply chains from loading locations all over Europe to destinations in Turkey, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the Middle East and back. For this purpose we operate our own sites in Istanbul, Adana, Gaziantep and Sofia, where a total staff of 50 employees provide all services in the segments of customs clearance, forwarding and procurement, particularly in Turkey. Thus it is an essential part of our company structure to integrate our Turkish speaking employees as well as our Turkish natives.

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Customer Satisfication

Having good customer service in the transportation industry will ultimately improve your customer satisfaction levels. Customer satisfaction is very important, even in the logistics industry – in fact, especially in the logistics industry. Why the whole process might seem as simple as picking up a customer’s delivery and delivering it to its destination, customer satisfaction ultimately comes down to what our business can offer them outside of that simple process. Online services to track their shipments can work wonders, but human interaction is just as effective. We keep our customers up to date on their shipments or explain to them from the outset what will happen with their deliveries. Keeping a customer satisfied will keep them a customer. We as Bulung Logistics live this day by day.

Management & Reporting

We as Bulung Logistics offer a total Management and Reporting solution. It supports the full operational and financial file management, from offer to invoicing, including document management. Further we are filling dailiy our data base with others forwarders, logistics service providers, terminal operators, industrial shippers, hauliers etc. It facilitates their shipping files, line agency, forwarding, land transport, air freight, barge freight, tramping, groupage, trading and stock management.

Compliance Solutions

As a full service logistics provider with several years of experience in all areas of trade and logistics, Bulung Logistics is able to provide a full spectrum of consulting services to our customers in all areas of regulatory and logistics compliance. Our consulting staff includes Licensed Customs Brokers, Certified Customs Specialists, Certified Forwarders and industry professionals, many with serveral years of experience in various industries.