Bulung creates specific solutions for the logistics needs in the automotive industry and ensures efficient management. Many automotive companies are looking for competitive advantages in the market. Bulung is there for you to find new ways to reduce costs, inefficiency and improve delivery accuracy thus we are showing you the easiest way to simplify your logistics operations.

Food & Beverage

We provide logistics services for full and part loads with world class capability to select sectors of the beverage and food industry to our customers.
In accordance to the other industries this area requires a high capability of logistics services. Bulung is capable of providing you the best quality service in food sector with temperature-controlled vehicles and qualified partners.

Retail Logistics

Being aware of retail challenges in the market, Bulung has major implications for logistics. We offer integrated services that can meet any demand of our customers and improve each phase, satisfy our customers and provide them the possibility to optimize their market position.


Bulung is able to understand that the market and regulatory forces are moving this industry and can adjust your operations to maximize safety and effectiveness.
Our main target is to provide you management solutions that optimize your performance. Knowing that chemical industry is very sensitive we are giving you the best service to increase your product velocity and minimize your problems.

Pharma & Healthcare

Since we know that product quality is very critical in the health care industry, Bulung can provide the technology and the processes required. We enable you to decrease your operational cost and give your customers the service they ask for.


The special solutions enable companies in the high-tech industry to concentrate on their main business rather than worrying about their logistics operations. Therefore we are there for you to offer transport and distribution services from your door to the delivery point within the time frames required.